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mvr evaporator

mvr evaporator

The MVR evaporator uses the secondary steam generated in the evaporator, and the mechanical steam is recompressed. The MVR evaporator is compressed by the compressor, the pressure and temperature increase, and the enthalpy increases, and then it is sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator to be used as heating steam. , So that the liquid material maintains the boiling state, and the heating steam itself condenses into water. In this way, the steam to be discarded is fully used, the latent heat is recovered, and the thermal efficiency is improved. The economic efficiency of steam generation is equal to 31 effects of multi-effect evaporation, which reduces the requirements for external heating and cooling resources, reduces power consumption, and reduces pollution.

a. Scope of application:

Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator is suitable for low-temperature concentration in industries such as milk, glucose, organic acids, VC, xylose, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, biological engineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recovery, papermaking, and salt making. In particular, materials with lower boiling points or thin materials that are easy to evaporate.
b. System composition:
It consists of heaters, separators, compressors, vacuum pumps, circulating pumps, operating platforms, electrical instrumentation control cabinets, valves, pipelines and other systems, and has a simple structure.
c. Main features:
d. MVR energy-saving evaporator technology is currently the most advanced evaporator technology in the world. MVR steam requires only a small amount of steam (a small amount of steam is required at startup and almost no longer needs steam during normal operation, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the enterprise. ,reduce environmental pollution.
e. Due to the use of a compressor to provide a heat source, compared with traditional evaporators, the temperature difference is much smaller, which can achieve gentle evaporation, greatly improving product quality and reducing scaling.
f. No condenser or only a small area condenser, the structure and process are very simple, fully automatic operation, continuous operation, safe and reliable.
g. The equipment is equipped with CIP cleaning pipelines, which can realize on-site cleaning. The entire equipment is easy to operate and has no dead ends.
h. The evaporator is used to evaporate the material at a low temperature (evaporation temperature 35 ° -100 ° C) without foaming. The liquid is uniform, does not run away, is not easy to coke, and the material has minimal heat denaturation.
i. The traditional multi-effect evaporator uses fresh steam as the energy source. For example, a five-effect evaporator typically consumes 0.23 tons of fresh steam to evaporate 1 ton of water; MVR mechanical compression evaporator consumes energy, and it generally consumes electricity 13-26 Degree, generally the material with a small boiling point increase can reach less than 20 degrees of water and electricity consumption per ton. The degree of energy saving is closely related to the user's local fresh steam unit price and electricity price. For example, the unit price of steam is 180 yuan / ton, the electricity price is 0.7 yuan per watt compared with the five-effect evaporator, and the energy consumption per one ton of water saved is 27.5 yuan. 100 tons, annual operation time is 330 days, working 24 hours a day, the annual energy saving cost is 21700801 yuan. MVR evaporators save more than 60% of energy compared to five-effect evaporators.
g. The price of MVR mechanical compression evaporator is twice as high as that of MVR evaporator. For new projects, the investment difference is compared. The investment of MVR is generally recoverable within 300 operating days. For energy-saving retrofit projects that use MVR evaporators to replace the original multi-effect evaporators, the retrofit investment can generally be recovered within 500 operating working days.

Energy consumption ratio chart:

mvr evaporator

mvr evaporator

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