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Three-effect falling film evaporator

Three-effect falling film evaporator

Three-effect falling film evaporator

I. Scope of application:
The falling mode evaporator is suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials such as fresh milk, fruit juice, soy milk, xylitol, sorbitol, Vc, honey, starch sugar, fructose, glucose, and traditional Chinese medicine extracts. The equipment operates in a vacuum state, the materials evaporate at a low temperature, and the heating time is short. It can maintain the original flavor of the materials to the maximum extent, and continuously enter and exit the materials. It is easy to operate, maintain and clean. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental protection and other fields.

System composition:

Each effect heating evaporator, each effect separator, condenser, heat pump, sterilizer, insulation tube, vacuum system, each effect liquid transfer pump, condensation drainage pump, operating platform, electrical instrument control cabinet and valve, pipeline And other systems.

Third, the main features:

1. The whole system has a reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and low steam consumption;

2. Large concentration ratio, falling film evaporation, which makes the liquid with larger viscosity easy to flow and evaporate, and the concentration time is short;

3. The special design can realize the switching and modification effect through simple operation to adapt to the production of different products;

4. The entire heating system of the equipment has the main characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time due to uniform steam heating and liquid film flow evaporation of the material liquid. If the heat pressure pump is configured, it has the advantages of energy saving, low steam consumption, low cooling water circulation, etc .;

5. As the material forms a film in each tubeevaporation, The material liquid heating time is very short, so especially for foodevaporationConcentration is very beneficial, and the nutritional content of the food is greatly preserved;

6. Spray feed on the top of the evaporator or through multiple overflow film distribution devices to ensure that the material liquid is evenly distributed in the evaporator film tube to form a film, greatly improve the heat transfer coefficient, increase the evaporation rate, and prevent \"dry wall \" phenomenon ;

7. Large-scale equipment adopts a vertical floor-standing structure. The entire equipment has a compact structure, a small footprint, and a simple and smooth layout, which represents the development of large-scale complete evaporation equipment;

8. The evaporation process under the vacuum not only guarantees the hygienic requirements of the materials, but also ensures the environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the evaporation temperature is greatly reduced. In addition, with the configuration of a heat pressure pump, part of the secondary steam is re-inhaled by the spray heat pressure pump for one effect evaporation In the shell side, the heat is fully utilized, and the material liquid is mildly heated, which is suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials;

9. The equipment is suitable for evaporative concentration of foamable materials. As the material liquid is evaporated into a film in the heating tube, that is, vapor-liquid separation is formed. At the same time, most of the material liquid is pumped away at the bottom of the effect body. All the secondary steam enters the separator to strengthen the separation, and the material-liquid process does not form much impact, avoiding the formation of foam.

10. For food evaporation and concentration, the equipment can have sterilization function at the same time. The two processes of sterilization and concentration are completed at one time, and the material is heated for a short time, which is suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive liquid materials.

11. The equipment can be equipped with CIP cleaning pipes, which can be cleaned in situ. The entire equipment is easy to operate and has no dead ends.

12. Continuous feeding and discharging, the material liquid can pass through the equipment once to reach the required concentration;

13. The equipment can be equipped with an automation system to realize automatic control of feed amount, automatic control of heating temperature, automatic control of discharge concentration, automatic control of cleaning, and can also be equipped with protective measures for sensitive materials in case of sudden power failure or failure. Other security, alarm and other automated operations and controls.

Fourth, the process flow diagram:

Five, technical parameters:

Product pictures:

Three-effect falling film evaporator

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