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Spherical Concentrator


1. Overview of spherical concentrator

This equipment is easy to operate and reliable to use. It has no pollution to the production environment and low noise, so it is widely used in the concentration, distillation process of liquid materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

The spherical concentrator is mainly composed of four parts: the main body of the concentration tank, the condenser, the vapor-liquid separator and the liquid receiving barrel.

It can be used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries for the concentration, distillation and recovery of organic solvents. Due to the reduced pressure concentration, the concentration time is short and the effective components of the heat-sensitive material will not be destroyed. The parts of this equipment that are in contact with materials are all made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, durability, and meets GMP standards.

2. Structural characteristics and operation methods

The spherical concentrator equipment is mainly composed of six parts: a concentration tank, a first condenser, a vapor-liquid separator, a second condenser, a cooler, and a receiving barrel. The specification series are 500L and 1000L, the concentration tank is jacket structure, the condenser is tube type, the separator is baffle separation type, and the cooler is coil type. Vacuum distillation, in order to reduce the liquid surface pressure, so that the boiling point of the liquid material is reduced correspondingly, because the liquid material distillation is performed at the boiling point fastest, so the degree of vacuum is adjusted by the user according to the thermal sensitivity of the liquid material.

When using the spherical concentrator, open the vacuum port and the feed port valve, draw the liquid material into the tank, after the liquid level in the tank reaches a certain height, close the feed valve, and slowly open the steam inlet valve to boil the liquid in the tank After a few minutes, pay attention to maintaining the steam pressure and vacuum program at that time (you can also control the temperature to make the boiling normal). The distilled liquid passes through the separator, part of which is returned to the main tank. The non-condensable part is condensed into liquid through the condenser and enters the receiving barrel for addition or discharge. After the concentration is completed, the vacuum port, steam port valve is closed, and the vent port (ie, straight-nozzle stopcock) is opened at normal pressure to discharge.

Product model



Equipment volume (I)



Working pressure in the jacket (MPa)



Allowable vacuum degree (KPa)



Evaporation capacity (Kg / h)



Condensation area (m2)



Container category low grade



Equipment weight (Kg)



Dimensions (L × W × H) mm



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