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OSLO crystallizer


I. Introduction

OSLO Crystallizer divided into Evaporation Type OSLO Crystallizer and Cooling type OSLO crystallizer. It is widely used in Food,Chemical,Medicine industry for bigger particle,with the advantages of large production capacity and lower equipment cost.

Evaporation Type OSLO Crystallizer have external heater for circulation liquid heating,and then liquid enter into evaporation chamber for concentration until reach super saturation, and then flow into suspended bed through vertical pipeline for crystalline growing. Due to special construction of OSLO Crystallizer, bigger volume particle will reach super saturation solution and growing firstly, and then smaller volume particle solution by turn.

Cooling Type OSLO crystallizer with a external cooler for cooling feeding solution until reach super saturation, and then liquid enter into the suspended bed through vertical pipeline for crystalline growing.Due to special construction of OSLO Crystallizer, bigger volume particle will reach super saturation solution and growing firstly.Therefore,Product of OSLO Crystallizer with bigger dimension particle, higher production capacity, and production continuously. This Equipment is not widely using because of solute is easy to have a deposition on the surface of heat exchanger,complex for operation.  

II. Characteristic

1. Available for continue operation,production capacity is adjustable

2. Clear liquid circulation will not break the crystal

3. With a better crystalline growing condition that being super saturation in the suspended bed

4. Bigger solution circulation capacity,Solution super saturation degree is smaller, not easy to form secondary nucleus.

5. Product with bigger dimension particle with small range.


OSLO type evaporation crystallizer is mainly composed of heat exchanger, crystallization separation chamber, condenser, circulation tube, circulation pump, slurry pump, vacuum pump, control system, etc .; it can be divided into one according to the difference in material concentration and production capacity. Effect, two effect, three effect evaporation crystallizer.





Evaporationt / h

Water Evaporation capacity




Feed concentration (%

Input concentration

Various concentrations of materials, depending on the customer's materials (According to material

steam pressure(Mpa

Steam pressure


Steam consumption (with heat pump)Steam consumption capacity

with heat pressure pump




Degree of vacuumMpa

Maximum Vacuum


Evaporation temperature(

Evaporation temperature


Cooling water consumption

(Into the water30 ℃, Water40 ℃

Cooling water cost / Evaporation capacity




Note: The above table is an evaporation type equipment. The listed specifications are for reference only. The specific equipment parameters need to be designed separately according to the customer's material situation and requirements.

NoteWe can design and manufacture according to customers special requirement.

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