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Membrane Test Equipment


Small scale is relative to the pilot testing and production of small scale experiment, it is mainly for the product development process using new technology, new equipment, new technology is feasible to provide technical support and basis, solve key technical issues, provide experimental basis for reliable and pilot production.  

Ge Ling (Shanghai) environmental science and technology limited company to provide the membrane separation device is designed for the small scale design features for universities and scientific research institutions and corporate R & D center, key technical parameters can help customers get the film operation unit through experiments and the corresponding cleaning solutions, to provide reference for scientific research and industrial application, but also can be used as a small production equipment in small batch production.

Compact structure, small size, flexible processing;

Variety, including ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, a variety of tube type, roll type, hollow fiber structure;

Human design, simple operation, easy to install and use, stable operation of equipment;

Can be tailored according to customer needs, including manual, automatic, intelligent and other different grades;

With data acquisition, traceability function, automatically draw the parameters of the curve, convenient analysis and comparison;

System (Tao Cimo, membrane, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, etc.) integrated design, saving investment;

Cleaning is simple, can reverse washing, strong regeneration ability.

Clarification, filtration and concentration of fermentation broth (such as antibiotics, amino acids, nucleic acids, organic acids, vitamins, etc.);

Separation and concentration of drugs and plant extracts (such as tea, licorice, Ge Gen, Rhodiola extract);

The production of electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, drink pure water, high pure water, sterile water;

Protein recovery in dairy and soy products, separation and concentration of skim milk;

Electroplating, electrophoresis paint wastewater treatment and recycling;

Purification, concentration and purification of fermentation broth, enzymes and polysaccharides;

Concentration and purification of various toxins, interferons, vaccines and other biological products;

Paper industry wastewater treatment and recycling;

The recovery and treatment of emulsified oil, waste liquid and waste glycerin in machinery industry;

Treatment and recycling of PVA and dyeing wastewater in textile industry;

Wastewater treatment of landfill leachate and MBR bioreactor.

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