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    Air conditioner evaporator

    Air conditioner evaporators are divided into different types according to their cooling medium: evaporators for cooling water. The air conditioner evaporator is used for cooling the water body such as refrigerant water, saline water or ethylene glycol aqueous solution. Such evaporators are commonly used in horizontal evaporators, vertical tube evaporators and spiral tube evaporators. Evaporator for cooling air. This type of evaporator has cooling pipes and coolers. Among them, the evaporator for cooling free-moving air is generally used in refrigerators and low-temperature test devices because the cooled air is in a free-moving state and its heat transfer coefficient is low; while the evaporator for cooling forced-flow air is mostly used for air-conditioning devices, Large refrigerators and large low-temperature environment test occasions. According to different liquid supply methods, it is divided into: in the full-liquid evaporator, the liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator through the throttling device, and the liquid level in the air-conditioning evaporator is kept constant. The heat transfer tubes in the evaporator are immersed in the refrigerant liquid. After the endothermic evaporation, the gas-liquid mixture still contains a large amount of water.

  • Jul
    Evaporator design

    Evaporator design For the excavation of domestic air conditioners, only a few new products need to rediscover new molds. The evaporator is designed with a new shape structure. Most of the product excavations are only designed to redesign the heat exchanger in the original size. When designing, the structural size of the heat exchanger is basically impossible to adjust. Of course, if the selected steamer can not meet the specifications under the given structural size, the most commonly used method is to increase the size of the original. Block fins to increase the heat exchange area. If it still fails to meet the specifications, we have only tried to use indoor units with large heat exchange areas. Now let's talk about the method of circuit design for a certain geometry of the evaporator. First we need to determine the number of flow paths in the evaporator, and then consider the flow of refrigerant in each flow path based on the number of flow paths. The number of flow paths is determined. The refrigerant in the evaporator changes from a saturated liquid (which actually also contains a small amount of flashing gas after throttling).

  • Jul
    Car evaporator

    Automotive evaporator lightning home repair major is a split-type air conditioner, which mostly reflects the phenomenon of uncooled heat or insufficient cooling / heating capacity. Automobile evaporators cannot operate normally, and will automatically stop immediately after operation or suddenly stop during operation. These failure phenomena are not necessarily the failure of the air conditioner itself, sometimes caused by improper installation and use.案例 Case analysis of air conditioner microcomputer control circuit Failure 1: Haier KFR-357 type air conditioner does not work. Analysis and maintenance: Press the emergency switch SW, the air conditioner does not operate. Suspected power supply circuit failure. Use a multimeter to check that the + 5V voltage is normal, and then check the reset circuit. It turns low at the moment of power-on and then changes to + 5.1V high. The CPU is also suspected to be damaged, but the same microcomputer (CMC95C-00517) is not on hand. It is also expensive to buy. In the easy-to-hard approach, replace the quartz crystal with a replacement method.

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