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Forced circulation evaporator

Forced circulation evaporator

I. Overview:

The forced circulation evaporator is that the material is transported to the tube heater by a large-flow circulation pump, after heating, it enters the separator for evaporation and separation, and the unevaporated surplus material is returned to the heater to be heated and evaporated by the circulation pump. A repeated circulation evaporation system is widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water phase or organic phase solutions in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental protection and other industries. It is especially suitable for high viscosity, easy to scale, and crystalline materials are interrupted under normal pressure or vacuum conditions. Or continuous evaporation and concentration crystals, which can be single-effect or multiple-effect evaporation and concentration crystals.

Application range:

Forced circulation evaporator is suitable for the treatment of materials such as scaling, crystallinity, heat sensitivity (low temperature), high concentration, high viscosity, and insoluble solids with particles. It is a variety of fruit pulp (ketchup), corn soaking Ideal equipment for concentrating heat-sensitive materials such as water, inorganic salts (ammonium sulfate, sodium chloride, etc.), maltosperm, starch sugar, glucose, Vc, lysine, oligosaccharides, inositol, and protein peptides.

System composition:

Each effect evaporator, each effect separator, condenser, circulating pump, transfer pump, vacuum and drainage system, sub-cylinder, operating platform, electrical instrumentation control cabinet and valves, pipelines and other systems.

Fourth, equipment characteristics:

1. The whole system has a reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and low steam consumption;

2. The concentration ratio is large, and the forced circulation type makes the viscous liquid easily flow and evaporate;

3. The special design can realize switching and improving effects through simple operation to adapt to the production of different products;

4. The evaporation temperature is low, the heat is fully utilized, the material liquid is mildly heated, and it is suitable for the concentration of low temperature heat-sensitive materials;

5. Through forced circulation of the evaporator, the evaporator receives heat uniformly in the tube and has a high heat transfer coefficient, which can prevent dry wall phenomenon;

6. The material liquid enters the separator and then separates, which strengthens the separation effect and makes the overall equipment have greater operating flexibility;

7. The entire equipment has a compact structure, a small footprint, a simple and smooth layout, and easy cleaning;

8. Continuous feeding and discharging, material liquid level and concentration can be controlled automatically;

Five, technical parameters:






Water evaporationt / h





Feed concentration (%

According to customer's materials

Output concentration (%

According to customer's materials

steam pressure(Mpa


Vacuum degree (mmhg


Evaporation temperature(


Steam consumption/Evaporationkg / kg





Cooling water consumption/EvaporationT / T





Note: In addition to the specifications of the watch series, it can also be designed according to customer requirements.

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