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Falling Film Evaporator


Falling film evaporator widely used in fresh milk,tomato juice,soybean milk,xylitik,sirbitol,VC, honey,starch sugar,fructose,glucose,drink etc heat sensitive material concentration. Equipment working under vacuum with low temperature evaporation in short time,it will keep material original flavor, and feed,discharge continuously,easy to operate,maintain and cleaning. Also used in waste water treatment of monosodium glutamate,ethyl alcohol,fish meal etc. And many industries,such as food,medicine,biology chemical engineering,environmental engineering, chemical etc.

Each effect heater, each effect separator,condenser, TVR(heat pump),sterilizer,insulation pipeline,vacuum system,each effect transfer pump,condensate pump,operation platform,electric instrument control cabinet,pipeline etc.

1. Whole system design reasonable,operation stable,high efficient energy saving,lower steam consumption.

2. Bigger concentration ratio,falling film type evaporator,short concentration time.

3. Special operation method designed for different product.

4. Whole system with high efficient,short heating time because of steam heating evenly, membrane type is more energy saving,steam consumption and cooling water  lower if equipped TVR(Thermal Vapor Recompression)

5. Especially suit for food evaporation because of membrane state in each pipeline with short time,it keeps the food nutrition ingredient.

6. Evaporator adopt spray feeding or overflow membrane device, make sure material could flow evenly as membrane state, increased the heat exchange coefficient,prevent scaling phenomenon.

7. Equipment adopt vertical construction at side, it is tightly and space small,easy arrangement, it is the development direction of big scale evaporation system.

8. Vacuum evaporator,not merely make sure the material sanitary requirement,also ensure the environmental requirement,at the same time,decrease the evaporation temperature,if equipped the TVR(Thermal Vapor Recompression),part of secondary steam will be re- suction into 1st effect evaporator by TVR,heat energy will make full use of it,it suit for heat sensitive material.

9. Falling Film Evaporator suit for the material with foaminess,due to material evaporation as membrane state inside the heater,it will form steam-liquid separation,at the same time,mostly material will be pumped out from the bottom of evaporator,only little material and all secondary steam enter into the separator for continue separation,so there is no much impact during this evaporation,avoided foam forming.

10. Refer to food evaporation, this equipment with both function of sterilization and concentration,short heating time,suit for heat sensitive material.

11. Equipment equipped CIP cleaning pipeline,available for cleaning at site,easy for operation.

12. Continue feeding and discharging,material will reached required concentration by one time evaporation.

13. Equipment can be designed with automatic control,automatic control point with feeding automatic control,heating temperature,discharge concentration,cleaning,and equipped Emergence stop,and other automatic operation or control for safety and alarming.


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