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DTB Type Crystallizer



DTB Crystallizer can be divided into Continue Evaporation Crystallization and Continue Cooling Crystallization according to the different material process flow. Also according to the material characteristic and energy saving, it can be divided into Multi-stage Flash Evaporation DTB Crystallizer and Multi-stage Cooling DTB Crystallizer.

DTB Crystallizer is a kind of typical crystal slurry internal recycle.It formed a circulation channel because of distribution tube designed inside of crystallizer, make the crystal slurry have a good mixing condition.Material will achieve internal recycle inside the machine with lower pressure,and keeping faster flow speed against each flow  section,so that crystal slurry density can reach 30-40%(weight).

It will rapidly eliminate the over-saturation level at the interface of evaporation crystallizer,make solution super saturation degree at a lower level.Especially suit for the product with a steep solubility curve.

According to the test and response from user, DTB crystalizer have a nice performance, high strength production,can produce the bigger size particle product,and not easy scarring inside the crystallizer. DTB Crystallizer can work continuously, suit for vacuum cooling, evaporation, directly touch cooling and reaction crystallization operation.and widely used in the industry of food,chemical,pharmacy,farm chemical etc.

2. Characteristic

Ø Low energy consumption

Ø Rare inner scar phenomenon

Ø Meet GMP requirement for medicine factory

Ø With good fluid dynamic effect

Ø Achieve continue production operation with elutriation legs.

Ø A typical type of crystal slurry internal recycle crystallization machine

Ø With bigger heat exchange area,without extra heater or cooler

Ø Available for cooling crystallization and vacuum evaporation cooling crystallization

Ø Lower rotary speed,easy to control,strong suitability,stable operation,less breakdown.

Ø Evenly size particle,with high efficient

Ø With professional propeller screw,achieve high efficient internal circulation,without secondary nucleus.

DTB evaporation crystallizer is mainly composed of heat exchanger, crystallization separation chamber, condenser, circulation tube, circulation pump, slurry pump, vacuum pump, control system, etc .; it can be divided into one according to the different material concentration and production capacity Effect, two effect, three effect evaporation crystallizer.





Evaporationt / h

Water Evaporation capacity




Feed concentration (%

Input concentration

Various concentrations of materials, depending on the customer's materials (According to material

steam pressure(Mpa

Steam pressure


Steam consumption (with heat pump)Steam consumption capacity

with heat pressure pump




Degree of vacuumMpa

Maximum Vacuum


Evaporation temperature(

Evaporation temperature


Cooling water consumption

(Into the water30 ℃, Water40 ℃

Cooling water cost / Evaporation capacity




Note: The above table is an evaporation type equipment. The listed specifications are for reference only. The specific equipment parameters need to be designed separately according to the customer's material situation and requirements.

NoteWe can design and manufacture according to customers special requirement.

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