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  • Dec
    Mexico fish paste concentrated three-effect falling film evaporator project completed

    In 2015, our company and the Mexican company signed the fish solvent evaporation and concentration project again, and the production has been successfully completed. The equipment is now in the state of installation and commissioning. I. Technical parameters: · Model: GLJM-4000 · Feed volume: 4500Kg / H · Evaporation volume: 3690Kg / H · Feed temperature: 60 ° C · Discharge temperature: 45-50 ° C · Circulating water consumption: 100T / H (inlet water 30 ℃, outlet water 36 ℃) · Power: 38kw · Steam consumption: 950-1110Kg / H (pressure 0.6-0.7MPa) Second, the scope of application: single-effect or multi-effect falling film evaporator, suitable for milk , Glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recovery and other industries for low-temperature continuous evaporation and concentration, with high heat transfer efficiency and materials

  • Jan
    Shanghai Wansu Biological Co., Ltd. completed the production and installation of experimental tube sterilizer

    Shanghai Wansu Biological Co., Ltd. completed the production and installation of experimental tube sterilizer

  • Jan
    Shanghai Lingling Chemical Co., Ltd. completed commissioning of high-concentration and difficult-to-salt wastewater treatment integrated system

    Shanghai Lingling Chemical has completed the commissioning of the high-concentration and high-salt salty wastewater treatment integrated system, and the equipment runs normally. If you need, please call the following contact information for details! Click to visit home phone: 021-31781287 Mobile phone: 18016229110

  • Jan
    American Greenland Innovation Group Corporation China R & D Business Center was established! !! !!

    Warm congratulations to China Greenland Innovation Group Corporation's China R & D Business Center to establish Greenland Innovations GRP USA LLC 2830 S JONES SLVD STE 1 LAS VEGAS NV 69146 to design and produce various household and commercial water treatment equipment and industrial wastewater treatment equipment With business centers all over the world, we have established a R & D business center in China-Shanghai, which integrates exhibition halls, R & D, design, sales, and after-sale services. American Greenland Innovations Group welcomes you for investment. Our company is fortunate to be one of the business centers of Greenland Innovation Group in the United States. Its research and development products include membrane treatment equipment, household and commercial water treatment equipment, industrial wastewater treatment systems, multifunctional extraction concentration equipment, multi-effect evaporation concentration, crystallization equipment, and so on. Your inquiry is welcome! American Greenland Innovation Group

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