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Car evaporator

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Automotive evaporator lightning home repair major is a split-type air conditioner, which mostly reflects the phenomenon of uncooled heat or insufficient cooling / heating capacity. Automobile evaporators cannot operate normally, and will automatically stop immediately after operation or suddenly stop during operation. These failure phenomena are not necessarily the failure of the air conditioner itself, sometimes caused by improper installation and use.案例 Case analysis of air conditioner microcomputer control circuit Failure 1: Haier KFR-357 type air conditioner does not work. Analysis and maintenance: Press the emergency switch SW, the air conditioner does not operate. Suspected power supply circuit failure. Use a multimeter to check that the + 5V voltage is normal, and then check the reset circuit. It turns low at the moment of power-on and then changes to + 5.1V high. The CPU is also suspected to be damaged, but the same microcomputer (CMC95C-00517) is not on hand. It is also expensive to buy. In the easy-to-hard approach, replace the quartz crystal with a replacement method, and turn on the air conditioner to work normally. Click the document link to view more information. Click the document link to view more information. Fault 2: The Changhong KFR-25GW / H air conditioner does not respond when it is powered on. Analysis and maintenance observation The indoor unit working indicator is off. Use a multimeter to check that the power outlet has 221V, power supply is normal. ) Disassemble the housing of the indoor unit, check the fuse on the printed board of the indoor unit, and find that the fuse has blown. New insurance cannot be replaced immediately at this time, and the cause should be found before replacement. The ohmic range of the multimeter was used to measure the primary resistance of the power transformer. The actual measurement was 0Ω. The fuse blow was caused by a short circuit. Close observation of the transformer showed no signs of burnout, so it was suspected that the varistor was damaged. The car's evaporator was removed and the varistor was measured with a multimeter ohm file. Unsurprisingly, it did indeed short circuit. Use the same type of varistor with the same parameters as the fuse, and the air conditioner works normally. If you do not have the same type of varistor on hand, the emergency method is to temporarily install the varistor to test the machine. Kuaiyixiu focuses on home appliances and evaporator home life, providing small appliances, water heaters, air conditioners, gas stoves, range hoods, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, unlocking and changing locks, pipe dredging, septic tank cleaning, furniture repair , House repair, water and electricity repair, home appliance disassembly and maintenance services

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