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Air conditioner evaporator

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Air conditioner evaporators are divided into different types according to their cooling medium: evaporators for cooling water. The air conditioner evaporator is used for cooling the water body such as refrigerant water, saline water or ethylene glycol aqueous solution. Such evaporators are commonly used in horizontal evaporators, vertical tube evaporators and spiral tube evaporators.

Evaporator for cooling air. This type of evaporator has cooling pipes and coolers. Among them, the evaporator for cooling free-moving air is generally used in refrigerators and low-temperature test devices because the cooled air is in a free-moving state and its heat transfer coefficient is low; while the evaporator for cooling forced-flow air is mostly used for air-conditioning devices, Large refrigerators and large low-temperature environment test occasions. According to different liquid supply methods, it is divided into: in the full-liquid evaporator, the liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator through the throttling device, and the liquid level in the air-conditioning evaporator is kept constant. The heat transfer tubes in the evaporator are immersed in the refrigerant liquid. After the endothermic evaporation, the gas-liquid mixture still contains a large amount of water, so the wet vapor that escapes from the evaporator is separated by the gas-liquid and then returned to the compressor. Because the refrigerant is in full contact with the heat transfer surface, it has a large heat transfer coefficient. However, the disadvantage is that the refrigerant liquid is filled with a large amount, and the static pressure of the liquid column will adversely affect the evaporation temperature. The vertical evaporator requires only 1/3 or less of the refrigerant filling capacity in the evaporator, so it is called \"vertical evaporator\". The refrigerant flows inside the tube, and the refrigerant flows outside the tube. The throttled refrigerant liquid enters the evaporator from the lower part of the end cover on one side, and is drawn out from the upper part of the end cover after several processes. The air-conditioning evaporator continuously evaporates in the tube as it flows, so a part of the wall surface is occupied by the vapor. Therefore, its heat transfer effect is not as good as the full liquid type. However, it has no effect of the liquid column on the temperature of the evaporator, and the return of oil is better due to the higher refrigerant flow rate. In addition, because the tube is filled with a large amount of refrigerant, the risk of freezing is reduced. Conclusion: The evaporator for cooling forced air in the vertical evaporator with cooling air is selected. The finned tube cluster is used, and the refrigerant is directly evaporated in the tube.

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