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I. Pre-sale service
1. Preliminary budget
Once the project is determined, the framework and functions of each step are determined. A good start is half the battle. It's a process of identification, analysis, and deletion to find the best solution. We focus on overall design and production issues, determine performance requirements, and aggregate operational information to form a complete production line and draw up a budget. This way we can come up with a feasible solution. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
After the project is determined, a quotation will be obtained. The information provided should include a general overview, stating quotation requirements, systematic technical requirements and descriptions, equipment performance and more. This enables you to make fair judgments on components, quotations, and system manufacturers when choosing a partner.
Once the contents of the offer are determined, the engineering team will take over formally. Regular meetings between engineering managers, salespeople, and clients are used to understand all the details and get a final set of files. The documents are used for manufacturing and field work after review.
Second, sale service
1. Raw material procurement
Most materials and accessories are selected by themselves to ensure compatibility and facilitate engineering progress. More conducive to shorten the time from order to delivery.
2. Equipment manufacturing
Approved documents are the basis of production. All off-site manufactured equipment has been certified by our quality control experts to meet strict regulations. Regular inspections ensure compliance with required quality standards.
3. Test and inspection
All systems are checked in accordance with the usual association procedures. We can also arrange for you if you do the inspection in your own way.
4. Delivery start
Based on years of experience, the installation process specification will help simplify the startup and commissioning of the equipment. During the process of equipment installation and commissioning, our engineering and technical personnel will go to the site to give instructions and inspect and test equipment projects. These results will be reviewed by the buyer's representative and, once accepted, will indicate acceptance of the system.
Third, after-sales service
1. Training instruction
Operators will be trained before installation and equipment startup. The training may be on-site explanation and operation and maintenance training.
2. Maintenance
In order to ensure the normal production, maintenance and spare parts can be serviced by Grid. We can draw up a maintenance service agreement for a single machine, several lines or the entire plant. This may be part of the original contract, but it can also be negotiated at a later stage when the equipment has just been put into operation.
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